The WBL Board Program provides participants with the resources, connections, and opportunities to find success as corporate board members. Find out how the Board Program helped past attendees rethink their approach to the board search process and accomplish their goals.

“I participated in the WBL Board Program twice. The first time, I concentrated on completing my bio, resume, and other documents. The second time, I was able to focus on the information provided by the great speakers and the networking opportunities with the speakers and the members. The collegial atmosphere of WBL, actively promoted by our founder, Lynn Shapiro Snyder, J.D., has been wonderful. Through these collaborations, I have made trusted friends and have received a board appointment and advisory opportunities.”


“I recommend the WBL Board Program to anyone considering joining boards. The program helped me define my value as a potential board member and then craft an elevator speech and a board bio. I also gained a better understanding of board member expectations and potential roles. The experienced board members and leaders who provided content, advice, and guidance throughout the program were extremely knowledgeable and helpful.

Spending time with a smaller group in a cohort, both during the program and throughout the next year, was a wonderful part of the experience. I can’t say enough about not only the knowledge and practical experience I gained, but also the caring, supportive networking from both the presenters and the other participants. I have officially joined my first advisory board and look forward to continuing to put what I’ve learned into practice, as well as staying connected to those I met during the program.”


The Board Program was phenomenal! The small group leader and participants were encouraging and provided specific, actionable advice. I was approached by a search firm for a bank director role shortly after I completed the Board Program. The Board Program advice around creating a crisp board bio, along with the real-time practice in the small group, were instrumental to my preparation for, and ultimately being selected for this bank director position and board’s audit committee. As I seek an additional board role for an emerging or established company committed to providing services to meet the diverse needs of the 60+ population, I know the WBL Board Program and people will be a superb resource. Bravo!

— Anne Doyle, President, Lasell Village

“The WBL Board Program was a great springboard to securing my first corporate board seat with LiveVox. I was confirmed as a result of the closing of a SPAC business combination when they added three new independent board members. The Board Program sessions I found most valuable were identifying types of boards and the characteristics of each; how to compose a board bio, which we quickly learn is different than a resume used to find a job; and networking with other women healthcare leaders who are either already on boards or seeking their first post.

Attending the program helped me realize the importance of honing in on the type of board and company you think would be a good match for you, and above all, network, network, network. The odds are your first role will come from a connection with someone you know who can recommend you.”


“The Board Program offered a rare opportunity to meet so many amazing, accomplished women in the healthcare industry from across the country. These women became enthusiastic and resourceful members of my growing network in support of my board seat journey. Whether you are fresh in your board search or already on some boards, the program offers a great foundation of knowledge and insights into the world of board service - public to private organizations, commercial and non-profit, large and small - along with emerging trends of what boards are seeking in new board members.”


“The WBL Board Program offered both a practical introduction to board service, networking, and recruiting as well as the opportunity to meet with private equity and venture capital investors in a low-risk situation. In addition, participants were encouraged to think critically about what specific type of service and company was of greatest interest to them. This exercise alone was extremely valuable. I came away with a much better sense of how and where I wanted to be of service and how to be successful in pitching myself for these roles. 

For me, attending the program was a classic case of “you don’t know what you don’t know.” Learning about the wide range of board service opportunities available was a real eye-opener. I would recommend the program to anyone who is even thinking about board work now or in the future. Attending helped me to refine what I wanted out of board service, determine which companies would be most likely to give me those opportunities, and taught me how to network to get on the radar of investors and executives in positions to recommend me for a role.”


“I would highly recommend the WBL Board Program because of its extensive network of professional women actively focused on one common goal: to support and empower one another in securing seats at the table where key decisions are made.”