Your board career is waiting for you.

As an experienced healthcare leader, you have the insight corporate boards need, both in our industry and beyond. Over the course of WBL’s 6-month virtual Board Program, you’ll learn how to leverage your expertise to become a successful director—and so much more.

Our program, led by experienced speakers and trusted faculty mentors, will cover every aspect of the board search and service process, tailored specifically for women healthcare executives.

Whether you’re looking for your first board role or your fifth, the skills and resources you gain during our program will let you step into any networking event, interview, or boardroom with the confidence you need to succeed as a director.

“The WBL Board Program was instrumental in helping me secure my first board position. The coaching, small group discussions, and networking were vital in supporting the development of my elevator pitch, positioning, and interview preparation. I highly recommend this program to anyone interested in pursuing board work.”

— Diana Verrilli, SVP, McKesson

By the end of the Board Program, you’ll gain:

An advanced knowledge of today's board landscape. Hear first-hand how board seats are filled, how your talents align with trends, and what types of board seats are best suited to your skills. 

Your unique value proposition. You'll leave with a strong elevator pitch and data points that demonstrate your unique value and experience concisely and effectively.

Hands-on experience. Work through real-world board scenarios to develop new leadership talents and build confidence in your board capabilities. 

An unparalleled network. Meet sitting board members, investors, search firm leaders, and fellow executives who can recommend you for future board roles.

Continued support. Led by a faculty mentor, cohorts will meet throughout the program to troubleshoot obstacles, gain peer feedback, and establish strong connections to support your board search.

Program Fee:


The WBL Board Program is an exclusive opportunity for members of WBL, a professional network for women healthcare leaders. Learn more about membership here.

Our comprehensive agenda sets you up for success.

Virtual real-time learning modules

These half-day virtual modules will cover the fundamentals of board search and service and teach you to stand out among a sea of candidates, covering topics like: 

  • Board service expectations based on company stage and board type
  • Personal branding and value proposition
  • Finding the right role for you
  • Acing the interview and conducting due diligence
  • Excelling as a sitting board director
  • Committees and board politics

Sessions are led by accomplished board directors who have walked in your shoes. In addition to topical content and trend analysis, speakers will share valuable reflections on their own experiences to ensure you know what they didn’t early on in their board careers.

Cohort meetings 

Led by an experienced faculty mentor, cohort meetings are a safe space to talk through challenges, crowdsource ideas, and receive curated feedback and guidance. Our faculty mentors are sitting board members who are dedicated to helping you achieve your goals and care deeply about bringing more women into the boardroom.

Participant gatherings 

Strong, authentic relationships are at the heart of WBL—and just might be what gets you a board seat. You’ll join fellow program participants for casual get-togethers both on and offline to grow your circle and support your peers.

Investor and director networking

Our program isn't just about learning. You'll make real connections with leaders in a position to recommend you for future roles. As you progress through the program, we will share your details with investors and, when there is mutual interest, arrange networking opportunities. Networking with current corporate directors will be part of several of the modules, too.

“I can’t imagine a better place to start my board service pursuit than the WBL Board Program. Beyond the informative content, the networking opportunities are so impressive. Every single person not only wants to help one another, they are willing to take ACTION to help. What a remarkable feeling and experience!”

—Jenna Ramesh, President, Strategic Advisory Group


WBL has helped place more than 400 women on boards. Ready to join their ranks?

Join us at this year’s WBL Board Program to kickstart (or reinvigorate) your board search. It’s never too early—or late—to start planning.

About WBL: Women Business Leaders of the U.S. Health Care Industry Foundation (WBL) is a nonprofit organization housing the premier network of women health care executives. This peer network provides the platform through which members are able to move their companies forward, advance their careers, and make a true impact on the health care industry.

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