Full Name
Jacqueline Cromity MBA, CMF
Job Title
Chief Executive Officer
Survivor Friendly
Speaker Bio
Jacqueline Cromity is a seasoned technical management professional, entrepreneur, and philanthropist with over 22 years of experience. As a senior manager at Cisco, she has a proven track record of managing cross-functional teams, driving profitability, and transforming strategic plans into working solutions across different geographies.

Jacqueline's passion for turning her challenges into other people's strengths is evident in her personal life. She has experienced the loss of both her mother and father to cancer. She founded the Survivor Friendly Foundation® in 2013 to raise awareness about the potential side effects of cancer treatment and to provide free essential items not covered by insurance.

Jacqueline is a triple-negative breast cancer survivor who has battled the disease three times. She experienced firsthand the sad reality of antiquated post-mastectomy durable medical equipment (DME) establishments during her treatment and recovery. Survivor Friendly ® expanded into a for-profit distributor of durable medical equipment (DME) in 2020, focusing on improving the patient experience for those receiving post-mastectomy and lymphedema care items. Additionally, each location includes Blessing Rooms, catering to uninsured patients to ensure everyone receives the needed post-mastectomy and lymphedema care items.

Jacqueline's academic achievements are equally impressive. After earning a Computer Science degree, she began her professional journey at IBM, where her software innovations garnered numerous accolades, including patents and publications. She is also dedicated to lifelong learning and recently earned her BOC Certified Mastectomy Fitter and completed her MBA at North Carolina State University.
Jacqueline Cromity