The Innovative Startups That Are Changing Our Industry (Livestream)
Date & Time
Monday, April 24, 2023, 3:30 PM - 4:15 PM
Aimee Garza Jodi Hubler Carrie Shaw Ashlee Wisdom

Hear from the founders and CEOs of innovative startups who will share how their companies can make a difference in our industry. Jodi Hubler, Board Director/Chair, Gratum Ventures, will moderate the panel and share how attendees can best support companies like these as they work towards a new vision for healthcare.

  • CoraVie Medical‚Äôs implantable¬†circadian blood pressure monitor informs treatment decisions to improve lives.
  • Embodied Labs is an immersive training platform for professional staff development and caregiver education and support.
  • Health In Her HUE is a digital health platform that connects Black women and women of color to culturally sensitive healthcare providers, culturally relevant health content, and community.
  • Life Whisperer uses a cloud-based AI assessment system, giving fertility clinics and patients a complete ranking of embryo quality using a single image.
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Ritz Carlton Ballroom
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